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After dental bonding


Smile before cosmetic bonding

Smile closeup after cosmetic dental bonding


Thanks to a dental technique called bonding, you don’t have to live with chips, cracks, stains, or gaps in your teeth. When you choose bonding, we will prepare special composite resin materials that are blended in colors carefully chosen to match your own teeth. These materials are applied to your teeth, then shaped into just the right contours and bonded in place. Teeth that have been bonded look just like your own teeth. Bonding can be an affordable way to have the smile you have always wanted. Come by the office to look at our before and after pictures of patients who have chosen bonding and ask us if bonding is a good option for you.

Reasons you might consider bonding:

  • Stained teeth can be bonded over to create a uniform white smile
  • Chips and cracks can be fixed
  • Gaps in your teeth can be closed with bonding


Unsure of whether Bonding is the right choice for you? Give us a call 636.561.5445.


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